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Great lectures delivered online. I recommend it to all who use GPR or make use of GPR data. Far superior to anything that we can deliver to public university students here in USA!

Don T.Department of Geosciences, Valdosta State University

The GPR Basics course covers the theoretical background of geophysics and is
wrapped up with real-life examples and potential applications. Recommended as a starting point for beginners.

Julie B.Archaeologist, Florida Division of Historical Resources

As a beginner in the use of GPR, this was a great learning experience for me.
The course was easy to follow and easy to understand. Well worth it.

Mark B.Civil Engineer, Trinidad-Tobago

The GPR Basics modules were easy to follow and very helpful in understanding how GPR works. I have not found any other resource that is teaching GPR using visuals and other easy to understand methods. For a beginner, this is much better than a manual or textbook!

Jamie A.Director or Training, GPRS

Get Certified In GPR!

GPR BASICS is our core certification course. This course was developed to train our students on the fundamentals of Ground Penetrating Radar. We tackle the very basics of GPR in an approachable format that is easy to follow. The way the information is packaged makes it easy to remember difficult concepts and apply them while on a project.

This course consists of 5 video modules with PDF activity guides for full immersion with the information. Students of GPR BASICS may become LearnGPR certified by passing the certification exam after the course.

There is nothing like this anywhere!

This training will bring you and your staff to the next level. Get the edge and become a GPR BASICS member now.

Join us Live for GPR BOOTCAMP! 

This is an intensive 2-day training event that uniquely combines classroom learning with practical field experience. Seating is limited!

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Free "Introduction to GPR" Training Video:

Learn the Fundamentals of this Technology Now