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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Vs X-Ray for Concrete Scanning

By January 16, 2017 2 Comments

In this video I compare ground penetrating radar (GPR) to x-ray for concrete scanning. GPR appears to offer significant benefits, yet I know some folks that continue to doubt the effectiveness of GPR and only use x-ray.

Let me know what you think and help me out by commenting on the benefits of x-ray or other issues that I missed.

Video mentioned here: GPR vs EM Locators is an online training platform for Ground Penetrating Radar that helps civil engineers, utility locators, and others learn about GPR through fun and engaging courses and coaching.

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  • Hey Dan, thanks again for the vid!
    Having absolutely no experience with X-ray, none whatsoever, my number 7 would be:
    -what about experience needed for fieldwork/dataprocessing/interpretation GPR vs Xray. Which one is more complex?

    • dpbigman says:

      Hi Ferry,

      Great one! I’m not sure who wins that battle, but it is definitely an important consideration in the grand scheme.

      Here’s another related issue, accessibility of training.

      I don’t know how accessible training is on x-ray…but for GPR, I do know this one place! haha

      Thanks again and please keep commenting.