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Problems Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) On A Steep Slope

By November 30, 2016 3 Comments

I was recently on a project where I had to collect ground penetrating radar data on a steep slope.

Using the GPR, I traversed the slope since the slope was too steep to collect up and down in any systematic way.

But, I had two issues:
1) the antenna was producing a signal at a 45 degree angle (the approximate angle of the slope), and
2) the wheels were turning at different rates making it impossible to create any accurate 3D map or time-slice.

If you have had issues, tell me in the comments what they were!!

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  • Jim knowles says:

    I wouldn’t have thought the angle would make that big a difference for the reflected signal?

    On any steep angle, you should lower the cart down the slope on fixed ropes and have someone haul it up the slope with a fixed rope system, with the trolley being guided up and down only. This method is slower, but more efficient.

  • @Jim, we surveyed a dyke (looking for holes/weak spots underneath the basaltstones. We lowered our GPR (IDS Opera Duo) at fixed intervals for a fixed length.
    The toughbook was connected to a longer ethernetcable. While breaking our backs this way, overall data was very good. Our GPR data was combined with a 3Dlaserscan of the surface. These datasets together could find the weak spots.

  • dpbigman says:

    Thanks for the comments Ferry and Jim! I appreciate you taking the time to jump in on the topic. If those options were available, I would have gone that route. Unfortunately, the conditions were not outlined completely accurately, so I planned for a one person job in a grassy field and I got the side of a bluff!! I even tried going up/down the slope with the cart, but plummeting to my demise wasn’t worth it. Next time…I’m bringing the cables in the trunk. Just in case. Haha. Thanks again and please keep watching and participating in the comments section.