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Questions To Ask Customers Before GPR Survey (Ground Penetrating Radar)

By March 24, 2017 2 Comments

Have you ever been on a project site and it is not what your customers described to you? Have you ever estimated how long your survey will take, but it took 2 or 3 times that amount? What questions should you ask your customers before you agree to conduct a GPR survey to try and avoid these problems in the future?

In this video, I discuss 5 things that you should know before accepting a GPR survey or before answering the likelihood of the project’s success.

These 5 issues are:
1) ground cover
2) site topography
3) soil conditions
4) estimated target size and depth
5) expected deliverables

Knowing these 5 things should give the grounds to make a reliable evaluation of the potential success of the project.

There are other issues that could be helpful. Leave a comment below with something else that you ask your customers before agreeing to survey. is an online training platform for Ground Penetrating Radar that helps civil engineers, utility locators, and others learn about GPR through fun and engaging courses and coaching.

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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • nmbr6:why do you want a GPR-survey?
    In your particular case MAG/RES/EMi/whatever could be more suitable. Or I propose a combination of A&B because……
    This oftens starts a discussion from which you can get a lot of extra information (about knowledge client, about competition,about site-target details. This additional info can enhance the quality of your quote/survey

    thanks again for the vid!

  • Dan Bigman says:

    Great point. That should be on the list and should probably be Question #1 if they tell you that “they need a gpr survey.”